8 thoughts on “NYC – NYSTCE SBL & EAS Workshop

  1. Nikia bassett says:

    When are you coming to VA ? Need help with SLLA. Thanks

  2. Maria Fernanda Ginart says:

    I had the opportunity to take the FTCE Elementary and General Education Workshops and they were a significant help for me. I recommend them to anyone that is looking to take these examinations as they provide a clear expectation of what to encounter at the time of the testing.

  3. Ferrari Green says:

    The class was well organized great for every type of learner. Definitely worth the money.

  4. Tammy Howard says:

    I am interested in doing a Principal Exam workshop.

  5. Debra McIntire says:

    Thank you for all your help. I am hoping to pass my SPED test this next time. I made a 238 last time. I have passed the EC6 and are hoping to pass the 4-8.

  6. Cynthia J. says:

    Hi Brent
    Just took your Special Education Workshop in Atlanta, Ga. I’m more positive and confident that I can pass the GACE at the first try. Thank you so much for setting up these workshops to help us pass on the first try.

  7. Kimberly Breaux says:

    I really enjoyed the study session for the praxis math core. I feel that it really helped me a lot. I am scheduled to take the test so we will see but I do feel that I understand it a lot better.

  8. Kim Evans says:

    Hi I’m interred in Sped EC-12 Content

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