NJ SLLA Workshop

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  1. Keith Hinton says:

    The workshop was amazing! Everything I have been learning in my administration masters class was put all together with This workshop! Great Job Dr. Daigle!

  2. Robert Diehl says:

    Enjoyed the class and presentation style

  3. Saige Stelly says:

    I attended the SLLA workshop on 4/14/18 in Baton Rouge, LA. I found it to be very helpful. I am now very confident for my test. I still have some studying to do but Brent helped to ease my mind and simply the enormous amount of content. I will refer any friends and coworkers taking a Praxis to you one of your sessions. Thank you for all of your information and time spent with us despite the torrential downpours, tornados, and lightning storm. I feel like this was the best money spent. THANK YOU!

  4. Scotty Duncan says:

    Great Workshop!! Great Information. I feel very confident about taking this test now.

  5. John Higgins says:

    Dr. Daigle, I just returned from your presentation at Towson College in Maryland and would like to express how wonderful I thought it was. Your bare bones, uncluttered presentation will certainly help me study more effectively going forward. I also, appreciate you sharing with us the perspective of those who will be grading the test. I feel much more at ease about my upcoming test. I would love to get an audio copy of the reading component of your presentation.

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