Fall Certification Workshop Schedule


26 thoughts on “Fall Certification Workshop Schedule

  1. Jeannine Miller says:

    Looking for an Early Childhood GACE workshop in the Atlanta area. Do you have any coming up soon?

  2. Hi, I would like to attend the Gace Workshop in Atlanta Georgia on September 2, 2017. Please send the registration information. Thanks.

  3. Stacy Hall says:

    How do I register for SLLA workshop in Shreveport on July 15?

  4. Mary Jean Daly says:

    SEI workshop in Boston on 6/24 was awesome. All material was presented clearly and I was able to understand key concepts. Was glad to just listen and not have to share out! Thank you!

  5. Michelle Johnson says:

    I’d like to register for the TExES exam in Austin. How do I register and where is it located, please?

  6. Cathy Jones says:

    I attended the July 22, 2017 workshop for the principal exam in Baltimore Md. I found the workshop to be most beneficial. Dr. Daigle explained in detail the various types of questions that would be presented and the best way to respond to the questions. In addition, he gave us test taking strategies to ensure that we complete the test. I agree with the comment above; it was nice to just actively listen and not have to share out. He also answered every question presented. In addition, I loved that he made the workshop interesting by inflecting little doses of humor. The facilitator of any workshop can make or break the learning. Dr. Daigle is fantastic at presenting testing materials that makes it easy to comprehend and not seem overwhelming. My principal recommended me to take this workshop, as she took it, and I’m so glad I did. I will use the additional resources he provided in preparation for taking the exam. In my opinion, taking the workshop would be a “required” step in the process of preparing for the principal exam..

  7. Priscilla says:

    How do I register for the GACE workshop in Atlanta?

  8. Stephanie Higgins says:

    The ESOL workshop was great. I had taken the test once, and missed passing by 10 questions. Because of that, I went searching for some sort of class and that’s when I found Brent’s workshops! It really clarified a LOT of information and touched on possible questions on the test. Well worth it!

  9. I-Esha says:

    How do I register for the September 30th CPACE workshop in LA?

  10. Tonica Davis says:

    How do I register for GACE workshop in Atlanta on September 2?

  11. Tonica Davis says:

    How do I register for GACE workshop in Atlanta on September 02?

  12. Alfred DiFronzo says:

    SEI workshop on 9/9/17 in Newton, MA was very helpful. It gave me confidence that I can pass the test. It set up a direction to follow to prepare for the class. Brent was very knowledgeable in this area and made the presentation amusing with his humor and stories.
    I highly recommend it for anyone thinking of taking the SEI test.

  13. claudia smith says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I would like information on the October 7th, Baton Rouge, LA workshop.
    1. Will it cover SLLA?
    2. If so, when and where can I register?
    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  14. Nicole Ensalaco says:

    Awesome workshop, will be coming back. Informative, practical, preparatory and engaging. Thank you Dr. Daigle!

  15. Tiffany Farmer says:

    Is the October 7th workshop for the SLLA EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP PRAXIS TEST? If so, how do I go about finding more information out about it and registering?


  16. Good Afternoon, I am very interested in attending your SLLA workshop that will be held in Baton Rouge, LA on October 7, 2017. I am in need of registration information. I have heard nothing but great things about your workshops. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I anxiously await your response.

    On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 10:04 PM, Dr. Brent Daigle wrote:

    > Dr. Brent Daigle posted: “” >

  17. Stacy Hall says:

    I attended workshop in Shreveport in July. I cannot access notes. Please contact me at Snicholehall@gmail.com.

  18. D'Leasha Abram says:

    How do I register for the workshop in Baton Rouge, LA 10/7, and where is it located?

  19. Sharon Cooley says:

    I would like to register for the workshop in a Baton Rouge October 7, 2017.

  20. Manjari Kapoor says:

    How o i register for the Praxis Workshop on Nov. 25th at Montclair NJ

  21. Laura Clark says:

    I attended the September 30th 2017 workshop in Charlotte, NC. The workshop was extremely helpful. However, the registration receipt attached to the link was did not reflect what I paid. The receipt reflects $100 registration fee. I paid $125. I have emailed and called numerous times and have not received any response. The information is needed for reimbursement of expenses paid for the trip. This was a 4 hour drive for me one way, which totaled 8 hours all together. Please contact me.

    The proper receipt is just as important to me as, your receiving payment for your services. In the future, it would be a better business practice to give a receipt on the spot, as it is very difficult to make contact after the workshop is over. Thanks.

  22. Cassandra Brown says:

    I would like to register my daughter for the December 2nd workshop. However, i wpould like to be sure it is the correct workshop for her certification. Is this workshop appropriate for the Secondary Education Math Praxis Test?

  23. Otis Amos says:

    Where will it be in Little rock Ark.

  24. Otis Amos says:

    How do I register for SLLA workshop in Little Rock Arkansas on Nov 4 2017. I need this test in three weeks

  25. Veronica Cedeño says:

    My AP forwarded me an email reagarding FTCE TRAININGG IN FORT MYERS. However, the dates do not match the dates on this website. Please confirm.

  26. KIMBERLY says:

    I attended the FELE Certification Workshop in Doral, FL. It was a great experience, encouraging. Dr.Daigle is funny-great presentation, worth the time, am looking forward to PASSING the FELE

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