TExES Workshop: Houston , Texas


10 thoughts on “TExES Workshop: Houston , Texas

  1. Julie Ricca says:

    This class was well worth the time and money. Very informative. Even entertaining at points. You are very personable and I feel confident about the test. Thanks for sharing your time and gifts with so many of us. Happy Easter.

  2. Chelsea Gamble says:

    I would like to attend the workshop.

  3. Chelsea Gamble says:

    I would like to attend this workshop in Houston.

  4. Desmond Combs says:

    How do I sign up for the review in Houston?

  5. I love the workshop!!
    It was informative and entertaining. Dr. Daigle added the human component to his presentation by being funny while sharing detailed important information about the test and how to deal with it.

    Thank you very much!!!

    Johany Grullon, MSU, NJ

  6. Shereice says:

    When will your next TEXES workshop in Houston be. I need help with Generalist EC -6?

  7. Robert Haude says:

    How do you register for an event that is in the future? I would like to attend but I am having difficulty finding registration. Thank You!

  8. Melvin Banks says:

    Looking for a social studies workshop 7-12

  9. Where do I sign up?

  10. Tabitha White says:

    Took this same workshop in Denton, TX 10/13/18. Very informative. I really liked how you gave specific testing strategies to use for those of us that struggle with tests. I appreciate the time you spent and the sense of humor you had will doing it.

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