Orlando, Florida: FELE/FTCE Workshop


8 thoughts on “Orlando, Florida: FELE/FTCE Workshop

  1. katie hiltunen says:

    I would like to attend this workshop. Can you please send me information on how to register! Thanks

  2. Barbara Ward says:

    Is this Leadership workshop comparable to Georgia ‘s GACE Assessment?

  3. Elizabeth Angulo says:

    Hi Dr. Daigle, I’ve sent you two emails trying to register for this workshop please contact me Elizabeth A. Thank you!!

  4. Wendy Pamela Bowers- Cherry- Ellis says:

    Very informative, friendly exchange, totally to the point and efficient! I really needed this workshop to clarify all of the work I have been doing all along. I recommend Brent to anyone seeking information on all aspects of ESE requirements and information necessary for certification.

  5. The class was informative, entertaining, and quick paced. Dr. Brent Daigle knows his material and the three hours was up before I knew it. He answers all questions and walking out of the class I felt confident that I would pass the test. One issue I wish was addressed is whether there will be a new format for the exam in July, and why the testing website says it could take up to five weeks to get test results back from a multiple choice test? The website says the test is being revised or redeveloped and there is a test score reporting delay of a week if you take it between April and June. Does that mean in July there is a new test but I will get the results immediately? And, will this test prep class I paid for still help me pass the new test in July? Hopefully there isn’t an entirely new test with new material because the class was FANTASTIC!

  6. Melissa White says:

    I recently attended the workshop at Rollins College. After the workshop I feel very prepared to take the FELE. Dr. Daigle is very thorough and went over all parts of the exam. I am close to completing the program for my Masters in Educational Leadership and I plan on taking the FELE this month because of the preparation I received from the workshop.

  7. I just want to THANK YOU because I passed my first time taking the test. Dr. Daigle saved me at least $120 because I didn’t have to retake the exam. I am a terrible test taker, so the $100 fee for the class was necessary. Like I said in my earlier post, he knows his stuff! I found a way to review it over and over again until the day of the test. It really helped me. Thanks again (Johnitha Pugh).

  8. Harriet Solms Mathews says:

    I went to the October workshop and loved it! I took the test yesterday and passed. I couldn’t have done it without you, even though I’ve been an ESOL IA for four years. This counts as half of my requirements to renew my teaching license even though it’s not the same as getting a teacher endorsement. I would add the voiced and unvoiced consonants!

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